Mx Burlesque Australia (MBA) is a unique competition which aims to uphold the rich history of the art of striptease while advancing modern performance art in the neo-burlesque revival. 

Our goal is to raise the professional standard within the burlesque industry and provide a platform for performers to create their best work. We encourage our competitors to engage in supportive professional development through constructive criticism with industry leaders.

The core values of the burlesque revival are emboldened with empowerment and feminism. Mx Burlesque Australia seeks to uphold an all-inclusive competition and encourages diversity, body positivity and aligns itself with the LGBTQI+ community.

After a panel-led selection process, 6-10 applicants from each state will be invited to compete in their state final.

The state final competition is judged on 3 categories: Red Carpet Parade, Striptease and Unique.


In 2022, the Miss Burlesque and Mr Boylesque competitions merged to relaunch as Mx Burlesque Australia. This competition is now open to all expression of gender identity. Winners may choose the title that they identify with best – Miss Burlesque, Mr Burlesque, or Mx Burlesque, with Mx Burlesque being emblazoned on the sashes.

The winner of each state final will receive the Mx/Miss/Mr Burlesque state title and over $1500 worth of cash and sponsored prizes, including crown and sash. State final winners will receive a minimum of $500, up to $1000 cash prize (state dependent).

Each state final runner-up will receive the Mx/Miss/Mr Burlesque city title, a $250 cash prize, the runner-up sash, plus sponsored prizes.

In 2024, MBA launches a new model for the National competition, called the Mx Burlesque Masters, which invites all current and previous state title-holders the opportunity to compete for the new titles. See what Mx Burlesque Masters is all about HERE!

History of Miss Burlesque Australia

Founded in 2009, MBA held its first competition held July 2010 in Brisbane’s historic Old Museum and heralded a new era in Australia’s neo-burlesque revival. The state finals in 2010 witnessed some of Australia’s finest performers take to the stage, producing a high quality of performances on a grand scale.

The first three grand finals were held at Sydney’s iconic Enmore Theatre and yielded a phenomenal response from the Australian entertainment industry and burgeoning burlesque community. The Australian neo-burlesque revival was born on the stages of strip-clubs, small cabaret venues, bars, clubs and underground performance art scenes, and the foundation of MBA provided the opportunity to work with large venues, technical teams and big stages. It was clear that MBA was going to play an important role in the evolution of Australian burlesque with performers able to create and showcase large-scale acts.

A’dora Derriere took over as Executive Producer of the international competition in 2018. Assisted by Associate Producer Alyssa Kitt and our industry leading state producers, the competition has undergone several revisions with new rules, revised categories and a panel-based selection process. In 2022, the Miss Burlesque & Mr Boylesque competitions merged to relaunch as a fully inclusive competition, renamed Mx Burlesque.

As the global social climate evolves around opening up expression of gender, MBA aims to be at the forefront of breaking down barriers that deem to put performers and people into categories by which they do not identify. We do not ascribe to categorize people into boxes based upon sex assigned at birth. We herald openness and inclusivity, we believe that wherever you see yourself and how you wish to perform your stage character is your choice.