2014 Hall of Fame

Photo by Dominic Kieler

Zelia Rose – Miss Burlesque Australia 2014

Miss Burlesque VIC 2014

Rose steals the stage” as written by The Age and this illustrious talent has graced many from theatres, festivals, & productions worldwide. Zelia came from the world of dance and theatre to become one of Australia’s most in demand showgirls. Having won “Best Debut” in the reputable Burlesque Hall of Fame, Las Vegas to a standing ovation and rapture applause, She is also the title holder of Miss Burlesque Australia 2014 & Noted in Australia’s top 10 burlesque artists. Most recently she was the first Australian to be selected as a solo performer for Dita Von Teese’s “Art of the Teese” U.S. Tour 2017. Zelia is known for her onstage Mojo and Prowess as a dancer, singer and multi-dimensional performance artist.

Photo by David Woolley

Charlie D. Barkle – Mr Boylesque Australia 2014

Charlie D. Barkle brings his own unique brand of cabaret and burlesque to audiences around the world. One half of powerhouse production company The Great Debacle he was voted number 10 in Australia in 21st Century Burlesque’s top 50, 2015, and crowned Mr Boylesque Australia 2014. Charlie was also the winner of the Ballarat Cabaret Award, nominated for a Green Room Award in cabaret writing, and competed for the title of Mr Exotic World at the Burlesque Hall of Fame. Charlie has performed and wowed audiences in New York, Vienna, London, Vegas, and Australia.

2014 Miss Burlesque State Winners

Photo by Nylon Riot

Alyssa Kitt
Miss Burlesque Australia 1st Runner- up 2014
Miss Burlesque QLD 2014

Photo by Leslie Liu

Memphis Mae
Miss Burlesque Australia 2nd Runner-up 2014
Miss Burlesque NSW 2014

Photo by David Woolley

Lucy Lovegun
Miss Burlesque WA 2014

Photo by Cam Attree

Dolly Cakes

Miss Burlesque Gold Coast 2014

Photo by Darklight Photography

Nona Mona
Miss Burlesque SA 2014

Photo by Angelea Galloway

Scarlett Jezebel
Miss Burlesque TAS 2014

2014 Mr Boylesque State Winners

Jack London
Mr Boylesque NSW 2014

Cupid’s Avatar
Mr Boylesque WA 2014

Photo by CezB Photography

Mr Boylesque TAS 2014