2015 Hall of Fame

42nd Street Photography

Bella de Jac – Miss Burlesque Australia 2015

Miss Burlesque VIC 2015

Glamour queen, party girl and powerhouse of the Australian Burlesque Industry Bella de Jac is here to steal your hearts and the contents of your liquor cabinet. With a ridiculous number of titles, awards, and headlining tours under her belt, Bella maintains a careful balance of utter debauchery with serious hard work.

Miss Burlesque Australia 2015, #31 and #50 in the last two consecutive 21st Century Burlesque Top 50, Bachelor of Creative Industries, headlining tours with the Australian Burlesque Festival, New Zealand Burlesque Festival, and Perth International Burlesque Festival, international tours to perform at the Burlesque Hall of Fame weekender, UK & US, co-director of Beast Burlesque and Bitch Stole My Act, cast member of sell out show Baby Got Back, and managing director of the Australian Burlesque Museum.

Petez Imagez Photography

Egson Ham – Mr Boylesque Australia 2015

Mr Boylesque VIC 2015

Egson Ham raised by Virginia and Legov, began dancing and performing at a young age. He was discovered in his early 20’s, and, with some force, was subsequently conned into signing as a principal performer with Miss Friby Burlesque spectacles. Since then, he toured the country, receiving compliments far and wide for his dynamic versatility, creative mind and large chin. Last year, Egson was crowned Mr Boylesque Australia 2015 and has been since working regularly as a burlesque artist and sandwich artist.

2015 Miss Burlesque State Winners

Step Back Photography

Ginger Foxx
Miss Burlesque Australia 1st Runner-up 2015
Miss Burlesque NSW 2015

Nylon Riot Photography

Cello Bordello
Miss Burlesque QLD 2015

Photo by David Woolley

Ruby Slippers
Miss Burlesque WA 2015

Julia Thomas Photography

Miss Burlesque TAS 2015

Photo by Nathan J Lester

Ginger Meadows
Miss Burlesque ACT 2015

Mema Sifa
Miss Burlesque SA 2015

2015 Mr Boylesque State Winners

Photo by John Leonard

Bobbie Sox
Mr Boylesque WA 2015

Rob Studdert Photography

Jack London
Mr Boylesque ACT 2015

2015 Miss Burlesque Grand Final Wild Cards

Magnolia Knife (Qld) – Miss Burlesque Australia 2nd Runner-up 2015
Betty Lovecat (Miss Burlesque Brisbane)
Pickled Tink (Miss Burlesque Sydney)