Mx Burlesque Australia is launched in 2022!

Mx Burlesque Australia is launched in 2022!

In 2022, the Miss Burlesque and Mr Boylesque competitions merged to relaunch as Mx Burlesque Australia. Here is the run down of the changes in the competition!

Who can enter Mx Burlesque Australia and what about the winners titles?

This competition is now open to all expression of gender identity. Winners may choose the title that they identify with best – Miss Burlesque, Mr Burlesque, or Mx Burlesque, with Mx Burlesque being emblazoned on the sashes.


The competition is judged on 3 categories: Red Carpet Parade, Striptease and Unique.
The Striptease category has replaced the previous Traditional category of the Miss Burlesque competitions.

Application Fees

In a commitment to making our space more welcoming and inclusive for our community, if you identify as Bla(c)k, Indigenous or a Person of Colour, Disabled, Transgender or Non-Binary, you are NOT required to pay the application fee.


We are currently developing a MBA scholarship program for mentorship to offer 3 applicants throughout the year who identify as bla(c)k, indigenous, person of colour, disabled, transgender and/or non-binary for professional development and artistic growth. More info coming soon.

Grand Final

Due to the unforeseen nature of live-performance and space restrictions due to Covid restrictions, Mx Burlesque Australia will no longer be holding a national Grand Final.

When national and state Covid conditions stabilise, MBA will move towards a new model for the National competition, which will invite all current and previous state title-holders the opportunity to compete for the Australian titles.

Why the changes?

MBA is dedicated to promoting an open and inclusive environment that gives ALL performers the freedom to be themselves so they can present their best art on an equal platform.