Sponsor Feature | Joel Devereux

Sponsor Feature | Joel Devereux

Interview by Alyssa Kitt

Joel Devereux is one of the most in demand photographers in the Australian burlesque community. He’s published two books and developed a definitive signature style throughout his various exhibitions. Alongside Lillian Lace, Joel is the co-producer of Vanguard Burlesque, which has been running shows in Brisbane for five consecutive years. Vanguard Burlesque has featured many of Australia’s top performers and and is the only show to appear at the Powerhouse Theatre’s Wonderland Festival four years in a row. Joel has been both a sponsor and an avid supporter of Miss Burlesque Australia, sitting on the judging panel for both the Queensland State Final and as a judge for the Grand Final in 2016. Alyssa Kitt caught up to talk about Miss Burlesque Australia.

You’ve been photographing burlesque and burlesque performers (in addition to co-producing your own show) for many years now. What keeps drawing you to the artform? What do you love about burlesque?

I love the variety of people burlesque attracts. I’m very fortunate enough to have met hundreds of performers from all around the world through burlesque and work with them through photography. I also appreciate the time & effort people put into the craft of burlesque.

What makes a burlesque artist stand out behind the camera?

I enjoy working with performers of all kinds but burlesque in particular. I find it much easier to get along with people who understand the wild little fringe arts world we come from. I also like hearing about what ideas people have in the works.

You’ve been a big supporter of Miss Burlesque Queensland and Australia over the years – what do you love about the competition?

I like pushing people to create great art, and MBA serves that purpose well I feel. I love seeing fresh routines and ideas on stage. I know people place a great amount of pressure on themselves when competing but I implore people to just enjoy the time they have creating and performing. It’s burlesque, not saving lives. Remember why you started performing and have fun.I

What are you hoping to see this year?

I’m excited to see how the rule changes affect the competition. I’d love to see a new more topical routines which I think have been missing in the Australian scene of late, especially when the state of the world at the moment is quite controversial. I also hope to see people enjoy themselves.

We’re a great fan of Joel’s work at Miss Burlesque Australia – go and follow him and his work on Instagram (@devereuxxo), on Facebook (Joel Devereux) and his webpage: www.joeldevereux.com